A Message from the Speech and Language Team

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11th Jan 2023

The Speech and Language Team at Thomas Bewick School would like to take a moment to appreciate the hard work and dedication from the parents, carers, and families of the children that we work with. We truly value and respect your opinion and voice. Your voice is key to us, as we strive to work together to provide excellent communication and swallowing support that is suited to the needs and preferences of individual children, families, and schools. We would like to emphasise the importance of continuing to work as a team with families in our speech and language therapy role because the children we work with spend most time with you, you will know what works best for your child and family, and what you would like more support with. 

We would like to hear what types of communication/swallowing training you would like to learn more about, a refresh on, or that you think could be useful to be introduced to. We are also interested in the ways you think this would be best delivered. Communication breakdowns and swallowing difficulties can be challenging, but we are here and happy to help! 

If you would like, please contact us with suggestions: 

Phone: 07890910621 

Email: Annalisa.potts@CNTW.NHS.uk