Thomas bewick school 18
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Curriculum Aims

  • To recognise and respect that our autistic pupils will think, learn and see the world in a different, unique and fascinating way
  • To provide and deliver a curriculum that is underpinned by our core values of kindness, aspiration, resilience and integrity, and to ensure that we promote tolerance and respect for self and others in all that we do
  • To recognise and respect that every pupil is an individual with different talents, interests and abilities
  • To provide a safe, fun and stimulating environment where each pupil is inspired and motivated to learn
  • To meet the diverse abilities and needs of all pupils by providing a range of flexible, engaging, broad and balanced curriculum pathways that are responsive to each pupil’s developmental stage, rather than age
  • To support the communication, social, emotional, physical and academic development of all pupils
  • To equip our pupils with the independence and life skills they need to lead a full, happy and healthy life, and to ensure that they have the opportunity to learn about personal safety
  • To support all pupils to develop safe and appropriate behaviour towards self and others
  • To ensure that our teaching approach and assessment procedures enable, support and celebrate the progress made by all pupils
  • To ensure that all of our pupils are prepared for life beyond school and adulthood