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Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is the world’s leading youth achievement award. Established 60 years ago and undertaken by millions of young people throughout the UK, the award offers three progressive levels, Bronze Silver and Gold.  We intend to offer young people the opportunity to push their personal boundaries, develop new skills, build friendships, improve their self-confidence and enhance their CVs, have regular access to the community and work towards outcomes in the Preparing for Adulthood Framework.  


At Thomas Bewick School, The Duke of Edinburgh Award framework intends to provide participants to develop their physical, personal and community experience through a combination of activities.  

  • Participants will work through a bespoke programme for personal development, tailored to the needs and levels of different cohorts  
  • Students will volunteer to help their local community, learn a new skill, such as woodwork, dough craft, practising cooking or improving their physical fitness
  • Encourage pupils to participate in expeditions and overnight residential stays where they can develop independence skills
  • Experience camp craft, first aid and navigation skills differentiated to an appropriate level
  • Experience and participate in a range of physical skills to promote good health  
  • Achieve a minimum of Bronze award by the time they leave Post 16
  • Enrich students learning by offering new experiences and develop self-esteem

Requirements and Delivery 

Duke of Edinburgh award will be implemented and delivered across the week in the Post 16. Physical skills is covered through PE lessons, swimming and yoga. The skills section is delivered through either a creative arts program or individual students can choose a skill they would like to work on. Volunteering is combined with elements of Careers and work related learning; there is a rolling program of volunteering projects with external agencies and some in house school projects. Each award culminates in an expedition and residential stay. Throughout the first year of delivery students will practice their expedition skills on a weekly basis before embarking on their final expedition and overnight stay.  

DofE will be monitored by the schools Duke of Edinburgh Manager Melanie Hudson and verified by Katy Harrison who is the Verifier for the school. All planning, preparation, class work, and marking is the responsibility of the class teachers. Each half term teachers will complete summative assessor reports for each student for the 4 different areas. If successfully completed students can receive Bronze, Silver and potentially Gold.