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Curriculum Overview

Thomas Bewick School provides education for pupils aged from 3 to 19 years. All of our pupils have a diagnosis of autism. We are passionate about providing the best quality of education and care for all of our pupils and put them at the centre of everything we do.  

Our school motto is ‘Growth Through Understanding’ and this underpins everything we do. We believe that ‘growth’ occurs when each pupil is seen as an individual and when their own unique skills, interests and talents are nurtured and encouraged. We care very much about the success of every pupil but ‘understand’ and respect that success for each of our pupils may look very different.  

How do we want the world to see our children and young people? 

We want all of our children and young people to be valued, visible and fully included in our community and in the communities where they live. We want them to be active and responsible citizens.  

What do we want for them? 

We want all of our children and young people to be ‘the best they can be’. We want them to be confident and successful learners who are proud of their achievements. We want them to be safe, healthy and happy. We want all of our children and young people to have strong and influential voices – however they wish to communicate – and we want them to have the confidence and ability to make good choices and decisions. We ultimately want them to be as independent as possible and fully prepared for adulthood. 

Curriculum Aims

Curriculum Model