Vision and Values

About the school:
Thomas Bewick School is the Newcastle Local Authority specialist provision for children and young people with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). All of our pupils have a Statement of Special Educational Need which identifies ASD as their principal need. They have a range of learning difficulties; some will require a high level of adult support to access the curriculum, whilst others achieve close to age-related expectations in some areas. All staff participate in a continuous programme of autism-specific training.
The school offers a broad and balanced curriculum across Foundation Stage, Primary, Secondary and Post 16. Pupils are supported by autism –specific strategies and approaches to meet their individual needs and learning styles.
A small number of pupils are able to benefit from a 24-hour curriculum in the residential unit which is housed on our Hadrian Site.

At Thomas Bewick School we aim to enable each pupil to :
• communicate and interact effectively with others and the world around them.
• become independent learners.
• value themselves and their own achievements and accept and show tolerance of others.
• enjoy being part of the school community.
• participate in and contribute to the wider social community.
• lead a safe, happy and fulfilling lifestyle

Core to these aims is the development of outstanding teaching and learning, an excellent partnership between home and school, positive relationships and networks within the multi-agency setting and the commitment to sharing of our expertise on autism with the wider community.

These aspirations are rooted in:
pupil-centred learning which takes account of pupils’ communication, sensory and social needs.
a “customised curriculum” to suit the learning needs of pupils 3 to 19 years of age.
celebrations of achievements of pupils, staff and the school.
knowledge and understanding of autism and the stress and difficulties for pupils and their families.
happy and positive relationships between all individuals.
learning partnerships between pupils, staff, parents and professional colleagues.

Our Values: we endeavour to promote mutual respect, trust and value of all individuals in the school community and beyond.
We are an inclusive school community that provides a wealth of learning opportunities to support and challenge pupils on their journey through the school.
We have high expectations of our pupils and staff and are proud of our achievements no matter how small.
We promote an environment which is welcoming, creative, inclusive, interactive and caring.