Autism Training - new interactive workshops

5th February 2018
We are delivering new additional training to compliment our one day Good Autism Practice Training that is ideal for people working closely with young people on the Autistic Spectrum.

This is a 3 hour interactive workshop session for practitioners from the Primary or Secondary sector.

The intention is to have no more than 12 participants in order to facilitate discussion and problem solving.

Participants are expected to have attended a Level 2 Autism course or to have classroom

experience of working with autistic pupils.

The aims of the session are:

1.To develop greater understanding of the theories about autism and the implications for classroom practice.

2. To explore practical solutions in tailoring supports to individual pupil needs in the areas of :

Thinking and Learning,

Social Understanding

Emotional Regulation

3. To gain increased insight into the " autism perspective" to better understand the challenges faced in school by autistic pupils.